Welcome To Target! Convenience on Maui.

Aloha! You’ve arrived on Maui and now you need to stock up on all those convenience items. It doesn’t matter if you’re just visiting for a week or moving to Maui longer term, you’ll always need the basic living necessities and there’s no place more convenient to get those everyday items than Target! Besides the fact that Target has “just about everything”, you’ll find the prices here to be very comparable to those on the Mainland.

Target is located in Kahalui on the North side of the island not far from the Maui Airport (OGG) and Costco Wholesale. A short drive from the condos in South Kihei, Target is about 10 miles away and on most days it will take you about 20-25 minutes to drive there. The parking lot has loads of spots with easy access both in and out to get you on your way quickly. However, we’d suggest you steer clear of the main entrance as the parking and traffic tends to get congested with all the shoppers coming and going. Even the parking lot offers the modern conveniences of electric car charging and a dozen curbside pickup parking spots when you just need to grab your order and go!

If you need a gallon of milk and some rib-eye steaks for the BBQ or a new swimsuit and a coverup for the beach, Target has you covered. Eric West, one of Maui’s West side Realtors takes us on a tour of all that Target in Kahalui has to offer, from the parking lot, inside to the meats and produce, browsing through housewares, electronics and on to clothing – you’ll get a glimpse of how the Target in Maui is laid out and all that it has to offer. Come take a look at his informative Maui YouTube video.

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Kihei 4th Friday Video Review By Adam Miller

Local Kihei Realtor Adam Miller put together a great video overview of all the happenings at the Kihei 4th Friday event that took place on June 24th. If you couldn’t be there, you missed a fantastic party, but the good news is there will be more to come! Keep an eye out as we update our calendar of future events.


There was so much to see and do at last Friday’s event, but the best part was being out with all the *PEOPLE*, visitors, locals, staff and vendors – a great time was had by all!

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Sharing Sunny Maui Vacation’s “The 5 Secret Pleasures That Make Hawaii So Desirable”

Today we wanted to share a blog post from one of our good friends, Charles, over at Sunny Maui Vacations titled “The 5 Secret Pleasures That Make Hawaii So Desirable”

Many people come to Hawaii for the warm weather and the laid back vibe which makes for a great place just to relax and unwind. But Hawaii has so much more to offer and many guests either overlook or ignore some of Hawaii’s hidden gems.

We’ll suggest you read Charles’ take on the 5 secrets to get the full scoop, but in a nutshell here’s the list:

  • Trade Winds – those wonderful warm afternoon breezes
  • Monk Seals – wildlife is abundant in Hawaii
  • Empty Beaches – yes you can find your own private slice of paradise
  • Stunning Hikes – no better place to explore the planet
  • Local Cuisine – the reason you’ll keep coming back to Hawaii again and again

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Kihei 4th Friday Town Party Is Back!

Get ready, because on June 24th Kihei 4th Friday Town Party is back! After a 2 year hiatus, he monthly party in South Kihei returns from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Azeka Shopping Center – Mauka, the “heart and soul” of Kihei.

Kihei Town will be festive, with food, arts and crafts, and lots of great shopping deals to be found. The popular Keiki/Youth Zone will be back as well as loads of live music entertainment!

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Great Maui Eats Without A Reservation!

Maui is known for it’s white sand beaches and amazing tropical weather, but no trip is complete if you haven’t sampled the food.However, with the shortage of workers across the island, getting into many of your favorite Maui Eats without a reservation can be quite challenging.

All is not lost! Blake is going to show you some hidden gems that you can sample without a reservation!Come check out Blake’s video to get some great recommendations on where you should be eating while on Maui! In just 16 minutes Blake provides great advice for some fantastic eateries all over the Valley Isle of Maui. It’s not just a foodie fantasy, but a daylong road trip as well. Blake takes you from the West side of Kaanapali, down to South Kihei – don’t forget to stop and enjoy a sunset on one of South Kihei’s famous beaches after grabbing your grub.

Blake continues the culinary adventure as brings you up to Kahalui near the airport and finished the road trip moving east towards Paia and Hana. Even as long time Maui visitors we were surprised to find some great new recommendations that we’ll be trying soon. And of course we were really excited to see that Blake even suggests one of our all time favorites and local “hole in the wall” Tin Roof Maui just a 5 minute drive from OGG airport. It’s always our first and last stop on the island.

Great Maui Eats Without A Reservation!

Now come and sit back, relax and start planning your next food adventure on the Valley Isle of Maui! Once you’ve found your favorite place on Maui, drop us a comment and let us know about your culinary adventure. Did you find a new place that Blake missed? We’d love to hear about your Maui Eats that don’t need a reservation!

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The 2022 Maui Marathon

THE MAUI MARATHON – : Sunday April 24th, 2022:The Maui Marathon features one of the most scenic courses in the world – a point-to-point route that starts in Kahului and then hugs the spectacular Pacific coast line for more than 17 breath taking miles before the race finish in Ka’anapali.***Please use caution if you are driving to and from Lahaina/Ka’anapali as there will be Marathon participants on the side of the roadway (see map). Make sure to give yourself sufficient time to get to your destination on Sunday. April 24th.

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Hawaii Safe Travels Program Comes To An End

HONOLULU – Governor David Ige announced that Hawaii’s Safe Travels program for domestic travelers will come to a close on Friday, March 25, 2022. To be clear Hawaii Safe Travels Program Comes To An End.

Safe Travels Hawai'i - Hawaii Safe Travels Program Comes To An End
Notice Hawai'i Safe Travels restrictions ended on 03/25/2022 - Hawaii Safe Travels Program Comes To An End
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10 Great Maui Activities You Won’t Want To Miss- Part 1

Many people dream of a tropical vacation on Maui – and it is truly a magical place. Maui is the most magical, the most alluring, the most exciting of all the Hawaiian Islands. It has the best beaches, best golf courses, best windsurfing, best weather, and the sweetest pineapples you’ll ever taste, Maui Gold – Maui is No Ka Oi!

When visiting Maui, besides soaking up the sun and sipping a mai tai or BBQing with friends by the pool, many people as what else there is to see and do? To answer that, here’s 10 great activities you won’t want to miss while visiting Maui – the Valley Isle – part 1 of 2.

1. Haleakala

Haleakala National Park Entrance

Haleakala is a place almost of pilgrimage for many visitors. The dormant volcano looms large on the island – you can see it from just about anywhere on the island. In the center of it at 10,023 feet, its summit is the highest point on Maui. Besides a visit to the informative Haleakala National Park Visitor Center, you can go on a horseback ride or hike down into the 3,000-foot-deep Haleakala crater. If time permits, consider exploring ancient lava flows and see silverswords here, which are rare, silvery flower stalks indigenous to the area. But for a spiritual journey, try to go there early and catch the sunrise.

Haleakala Crater House Of The Sun

Because the Sunrise experience has become so popular, you will need to get a reservation ahead of time and there are limited spots each day. Check with the parks service for the most up to date information.

2. Road to Hana

Winding Turns Road To Hana

The ‘Road to Hana’ is considered the most scenic drive in all of the Hawaiian islands. It begins just south of Kahului (near the airport) and winds down the southeast coast of Maui, just over 55 miles, twisting and turning around with 600+ bends and curve, crossing over 56 narrow, mostly one-lane bridges. The scenery enroute is stunning, with lush vegetation and sweeping views of the ocean at every turn, and scores of swimming holes beneath waterfalls, ideal for a picnic and a splash or two.

Road To Hana Waterfalls

You will find many attractions along the Hana Road, including the Keanae Peninsula, a serene patch of green with an overlook with panoramic views, the Keanae Arboretum which incorporates an authentic representation of a Hawaiian rain forest, the 126-acre, tropical Kahanu Botanical Gardens, and finally at your destination is the hidden, laid-back town of Hana itself. Here you’ll find the centerpiece of Hand – The Hotel Hana-Maui.

3. Lahaina

Old Lahaina Town

Lahaina, located on the West Maui coast, is one of Maui’s most historic towns. Once the capital of Hawaii, it later turned into a bustling whaling town. Today, it is probably the most “happening” place on Maui. It definitely is the most colorful place on the island, filled with restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, art galleries, not to mention high-end boutiques. When visiting, be careful as Lahaina is not without it’s “tourist traps”. Still, there’s a lot to see and do here: some of the main attractions include the Whaling Museum, Brig Carthignian, Jodo Mission, the 19th-century waterfront Pioneer Inn, and the jaw-dropping Banyan Tree which was planted here in 1873 and now occupies an acre of land, with a branch spread of 50 yards, supported by myriad aerial roots and 12 major trunks!

4. Ka’anapali

Ka'anapali Beach Front Resorts

Ka’anapali is Maui’s best-known beach resort and one of the three main tourist resort and condo lodging destinations. Aside from the big name Hotel / Resort Chain hotels lining its shore, the white-sand Ka’anapali Beach offers some of the best snorkeling and swimming conditions offered anywhere on the island. Its notoriety has inevitably also made it one of the most visited, as well as the most crowded beaches on Maui. One of the afore mentioned “tourist traps” includes the ‘Sugarcane Train’, which runs between Lahaina and Ka’anapali, but despite it’s price, offers good views of the area. Don’t forget to visit Kapalua just a short drive north of Ka’anapali, with a lovely beach and even awesome sunsets.

5. Iao Needle

Iao Needle

Iao Needle, probably the most photographed landmark on the Valley Isle. Located where else, but in the Iao Valley State Park. It’s a lush valley in the West Maui mountains, where the moss-covered stone spire rises 1,200 feet vertically from the valley floor. With many trails and planks to hike, all with abundant tropical flora and excellent photo opportunities. The state park is easily accessible from Kahului and Wailuku.

For the rest of the Top 10 List, please check back soon!

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Coming to Maui? Looks like you’ll need the BOOST!

Governor Ige is set to update the Hawaii Safe Travels guidelines. With a tentative start date of February 18th, any visitor traveling to Hawaii and wishing to avoid quarantine by presenting a complete Covid 19 Vaccination Record. To qualify as a complete vaccination, the traveler will have to show proof of having the 3rd vaccine shot, aka the BOOST. For those travelers who have previously been vaccinated with the J&J – Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the requirement will be to have the 2nd vaccine shot. All vaccinations must be administered at least 14 days before traveling to Maui, or any part of Hawaii. Should travelers not wish to, or are unable to be vaccinated priori to travel, the 72 hour NAAT test or a 5 day quarantine upon landing will also allow travelers to visit the Valley Isle as well as the rest of Hawaii.

Hawaii Safe Travels Covid Program

In addition to Governor Ige’s changes, Maui is also looking to update their indoor dining requirements to also require the booster vaccine in order to be considered “completely vaccinated”. As outdoor dining is almost always an option, this change should not have an adverse effect on travelers and locals who wish to dine out.

As always, the Safe Travels Hawaii Program is constantly changing and updating, so we always advise visitors to check the Safe Travels Hawaii website BEFORE traveling to Maui or any part of Hawaii for the most accurate and up to date information.

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Top 5 Reasons To Vacation In Kihei

Local Maui Realtor, Adam Miller with the Nine Times Network shares his top 5 reasons why Kihei is the best place for your next Maui vacation get away. We have to agree that Kihei definitely tops our charts for the best places to stay because of it’s laid back attitude as well as it’s proximity to local dining and excursions. Don’t forget that Kihei also tends to be much less windy than the West side of the island which makes for some beautiful warm beach days at Kamaole or Keawakapu Beaches.


Check out this short 8 minute video where Adam gives his top 5 reasons including, location, sunsets, restaurants and more… We think you’ll enjoy this brief overview showing some of what Kihei has to offer.


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