Sharing Sunny Maui Vacation’s “The 5 Secret Pleasures That Make Hawaii So Desirable”

Today we wanted to share a blog post from one of our good friends, Charles, over at Sunny Maui Vacations titled “The 5 Secret Pleasures That Make Hawaii So Desirable”

Many people come to Hawaii for the warm weather and the laid back vibe which makes for a great place just to relax and unwind. But Hawaii has so much more to offer and many guests either overlook or ignore some of Hawaii’s hidden gems.

We’ll suggest you read Charles’ take on the 5 secrets to get the full scoop, but in a nutshell here’s the list:

  • Trade Winds – those wonderful warm afternoon breezes
  • Monk Seals – wildlife is abundant in Hawaii
  • Empty Beaches – yes you can find your own private slice of paradise
  • Stunning Hikes – no better place to explore the planet
  • Local Cuisine – the reason you’ll keep coming back to Hawaii again and again

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