Tsunami Warning For Saturday January 15th, 2022

Just another day in paradise with a little bit of excitement mixed in. At 10:07PM HST Friday January 14th, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a Tsunami Warning Alert for all of the Hawaiian Islands. The warning was issued after a massive volcanic eruption near one of the Tongan islands in the South Pacific.

While it’s good news that today’s Tsunami Warning has now been lifted, it’s always good to be aware of all of the local weather and environmental conditions when visiting Maui. Maui has very diverse weather conditions in a very small area. From snow on top of Haleakala to windy conditions in Napili on the West side and hot, sunny and arid conditions in South Kihei, you’ll find just about any condition you could think of. Maui is definitely paradise to visit, it has it’s dangers as well.

Tsunami Alert On Maui January 15 2022
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